Project TitlePeptides, Peptidomimetics And Small Molecule Inhibitors Of The Epstein-Barr Virus Mediated Fusion And Entry Process
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Discovery of compositions and development of methods for modulating EBV infection in patients.

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Northwestern researchers have found compositions and developed methods for modulating EBV infection in patients. They have identified proteins, peptides and small molecules, all of which relate to EBV gp42 and function to inhibit viral entry. The design of peptides and peptidomimetics is based on the EBV fusion protein gp42. The peptides bind to gH, gL and/or a gH/gL complex with high affinity at nanomolar concentrations. The researchers also identified other small molecules that inhibit EBV-mediated membrane fusion by targeting the epithelial cells and B-cells. They exhibit effective inhibition, blocking over 50% viral fusions. The compounds may be formulated as pharmaceutical compositions for treating and preventing conditions and diseases associated with EBV infection, such as acute infectious mononucleosis, B-cell lymphomas, other lympho-proliferative diseases, and epithelial cancers associated with EBV.

TagsTHERAPEUTICS: infectious disease
Posted DateJan 31, 2012 1:58 PM


Theodore Jardetzky
Justin Kirschner
Richard Longnecker*

Jasmina Omerovic


  • Research Tool: Study EBV entry fusion intermediaries
  • Research Tool: Identification of unique therapeutic targets
  • Therapeutics: EBV infections (acute infectious mononucleosis, B-cell lymphomas and epithelial cancers)


Large selection of potential EBV infection inhibitors


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Issued U.S. Patent No. 7,951,770

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Michael Moore, PhD
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