Project TitleNanoporous Biodegradable Thermoset Elastomers
Track Code2007-070
Short Description

Novel citric acid polymers and their use in controlled therapeutic delivery systems.


Northwestern researchers have developed novel citric acid polymers and their use in delivery systems. For this invention, investigators in Guillermo Ameer's laboratory have created elastomeric citric acid polymers onto which biologically active molecules may be attached. The synthesis of the polymers requires polyethylene glycol dimethyl ether (PEGDM), and its pores range in diameter from 7 to 15 nanometers. This technology offers controlled delivery of bioactive molecules, proteins, and drugs.

Tagspeptide therapeutics, drug delivery, biomedical materials, polymers
Posted DateOct 18, 2011 10:34 AM


Guillermo Ameer
Ryan Hoshi
Jian Yang 


  • Delivery Platform
  • Protein-Based Therapeutics


  • Maintains drug activity
  • Maintains protein structure for bioactivity
  • Controllable drug delivery rates at therapeutic site

IP Status

Northwestern University has filed a patent application and is interested in licensing this technology. 

Additional information is available upon request.

Contact Information

Becky Crump, PhD
Associate Director

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