Project TitleStable Semiconductor Materials with Easy Fabrication for Detection of X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Radiation
Track Code2010-019
Short Description

Novel semiconducting chalcohalide and perovskite materials for detection of hard radiation #materials #biomedical #healthcare #imaging


Northwestern scientists have synthesized a number of novel cost-effective materials which can be used to detect X- and γ-radiation for medical, industrial and defense applications. Materials currently used for detection of X-rays or γ-rays can be unstable at room temperature or difficult to produce. Prof. Kanatzidis and colleagues have addressed these issues by developing a number of solid state synthetic methods to produce room temperature, mechanically robust, high quality crystalline materials that can be used for detection of radiation from X-rays and γ-rays emitted by nuclear materials. These crystalline materials can be grown simply to produce detector-grade wafers with high resistivity (ranging from 1010 to range of 1x1012 Ωcm) and resolution. Importantly, the increased hardness of these novel materials could simplify crystal processing and device fabrication on a larger scale, which are key obstacles for commercial production of hard radiation detectors. S

TagsHEALTHCARE: imaging, MATERIALS: biomedical
Posted DateOct 6, 2017 12:03 PM


Mercouri Kanatzidis


  • Medical imaging
  • National security
  •  Scientific research


  • Mechanically robust
  • Strong photoconductivity response
  • High resistivity
  • Facile sample processing

IP status

US 8,519,347; 62/379,860; 62/459,880; 62/533,289; PCT/US2016/035183; PCT/US2017/043193


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