Project TitlePolysulfide Compounds for Environmental Remediation of Fossil Fuel And Nuclear Waste
Track Code2014-057
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Novel polysulfide layered double hydroxide material for efficient capture of mercury vapor and uranium ions

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Northwestern scientists have developed a polysulfide layered double hydroxide (Sx-LDH) material that can be used for environmental remediation and gas purification applications from fossil fuel and nuclear waste. Laboratory tests have shown that Sx-LDH has been successfully used to capture mercury and iodine vapor, as well as uranium ions. Mercury vapor is a common air pollutant that is produced by burning fossil fuels, while uranium and radioactive iodine result from production of nuclear energy. All of these elements are dangerous to humans if released into the environment, which has spurred many efforts to develop materials for their efficient sequestration. This novel material from Prof. Kanatzidis' laboratory accomplishes removal of all of these pollutants through interaction with polysulfide. Importantly, Sx-LDH exhibits a high binding capacity and is thermally stable, unlike other materials used for the same purposes. In the case of uranium binding, absorption efficiency is unaffected by the total concentration of uranium or by the presence of additional competing ions, which is an additional advantage over current alternatives.

Tagsenvironment: remediation, materials
Posted DateJun 12, 2015 4:23 PM


Mercouri Kanatzidis*

Shulan Ma


  • Environmental remediation (e.g. mercury, uranium)
  • Natural gas purification


  • High capacity (50-152% adsorption rate by weight)
  • Stable


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US patent application has been filed.

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Dimitra Georganopoulou, PhD

Invention Manager

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