Project TitleTGFβ Inhibitor Transgene for Atrial Fibrillation Treatment
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 Gene therapy approach for inhibiting fibrosis of cardiac tissue #therapeutics #genetherapy #cardiology


A Northwestern researcher has developed a gene therapy that can inhibit fibrosis for treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF). At a molecular level AF is a multifaceted condition, which makes its treatment quite complex. In early stages of AF development, atrial tissues undergo fibrosis, which creates electrophysiological abnormalities in the heart. Prof. Arora's laboratory has found a way to inhibit fibrosis by injecting a TGFβ inhibiting gene directly into the heart atrium of dogs with AF. This treatment performed robustly in their model and inhibited formation of fibrotic tissue. Due to the dearth of effective treatment options for AF, this novel strategy for its prevention and treatment may make a contribution in both clinical and research arenas. Most of the currently available therapies for AF do not target the underlying molecular mechanisms that lead to disease development. Therefore, innovative approaches such as this one could pave the way for curing or managing AF in the future.

Tagscardiology, THERAPEUTICS: gene therapy
Posted DateJun 3, 2015 10:43 AM


Rishi Arora*


  • Treatment of AF
  • Treatment of other TGFβ-dependent diseases


  • Specific
  • Robust (sustained expression of the transgene over 24 days)


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US patent application has been filed.

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