Project TitleStem Cell Therapy for Bladder Regeneration
Track Code2009-021, 2011-069
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New method for generating functional bladder tissue grafts from stem cells #therapeutics #stemcells #diseasemodel


Northwestern scientists have developed a novel method for generating functional bladder tissue that can be used to treat a variety of bladder diseases by tissue grafting. The inventors grow a mixture of patients' stem cells a flexible scaffold material, which lowers the chance of rejection after grafting. Further, the elastic properties of the poly-(1,8)-octanediol co-citrate scaffold can mimic the behavior of healthy human bladder tissue. Another important advantage of this bladder repair method is that the tissue grafts generated from this proprietary combination of cells can promote regeneration of muscle, blood vessels and nerves that normally function in the bladder. Previous attempts at designing functional bladder tissues did not meet this important benchmark, so this invention could improve how bladder disorders are treated in the future.

TagsTHERAPEUTICS: stem cells
Posted DateJun 1, 2015 2:56 PM


Earl Cheng*

Arun Sharma*

Partha Hota

Natalie Fuller

Derek Matoka

Matthew Bury


  • Bladder tissue grafting
  • Research tool


  • Flexible scaffold that provides elasticity
  • Enhanced regeneration of normal anatomy such as muscle, blood vessels and peripheral nerves
  • Decreased chance of immune response


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US patent application has been filed.

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Michael Moore, PhD

Invention Manager

(p) 847.491.4645