Project TitleAntibody Against the PAD Region of Tau
Track Code2012-050
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Mouse monoclonal antibody recognizes the PAD region of human Tau protein

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Northwestern researchers have generated a novel antibody against the PAD domain of Tau protein, which becomes exposed as Tau aggregates. Tau protein aggregation is a pathological hallmark of Alzheimer's Disease (AD), which ultimately leads to neuron degeneration. This novel monoclonal antibody against the PAD domain allows tracking of Tau aggregation levels as a function of PAD domain exposure. The range of research efforts in the field of AD and other Tau-related brain disorders could be expanded with this new reagent. Further, this antibody could form a basis of an early detection diagnostic strategy for AD.

Tagsresearch tool: antibody
Posted DateJun 1, 2015 12:00 PM


Lester Binder*

Nicholas Kanaan

Yifan Fu


  • Research tool
  • Diagnostic tool for Alzheimer’s disease


  • Detects an early event in Alzheimer’s disease pathogenesis
  • Specificity for Tau aggregates


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Michael Moore, PhD

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