Project TitleBiomarker for Prostate Disease
Track Code2006-118
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New biomarker for specific detection of prostate cancers

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Northwestern researchers have identified a new protein that can be used as a specific biomarker for malignant prostate cancers. The current screening test for prostate cancer measures levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in serum as an indication of disease presence and progress. The limitation of this test is that its non-specificity for prostate tumors, as PSA level can be elevated due to other prostate conditions. In fact, some studies have shown a weak correlation between high levels of PSA and high-grade prostate tumors. This characteristic of PSA presents limitations with respect to early diagnosis and ability to track disease progression effectively. The novel biomarker discovered at Northwestern exhibits a linear relationship with disease progression, allowing it to be used to monitor patients' disease progression over time. This innovation has the potential to improve patient care by facilitating early diagnosis and directing clinical decision-making throughout the course of the disease.

TagsCANCER: prostate, THERAPEUTICS: biomarker
Posted DateApr 28, 2015 1:34 PM


C. Shad Thaxton

Norm D. Smith*

Joseph Pazona

Onisuru T. Okotie


  • Detection of malignant prostate cancers


  • Linear relationship between biomarker expression and disease severity
  • Specific for malignant prostate tumors


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Issued US patent 7,807,393

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