Project TitleMonoclonal Antibodies Against HSP70 Family
Track Code1995-082
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Monoclonal antibodies against HSP70 family of proteins

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A Northwestern scientist has generated antibodies that recognize HSP70 (heat shock proteins) family of proteins. Heat shock proteins are extremely important for cellular responses to heat and play important functions as chaperons, helping to fold other proteins. For these reasons, HSP family proteins have been extensively studied. The antibodies in this invention (clones JG1 and JG3) are expected to contribute to these efforts, as they are compatible with various research methods and can recognize HSP70 proteins from several different animal species (human, mouse, guinea pig, non-human primate etc.)

Tagsresearch tool: antibody
Posted DateApr 24, 2015 10:55 AM


Susan Pierce


  • Research reagent for studies of heat shock proteins


  • Validated for use in Western blots, immunohistochemistry and immunoprecitipation experiments


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