Project TitleImportin β1 Antibody
Track Code1996-011
Short Description

Antibody for detection of importin β1 from several animal species #researchtool #antibody


Northwestern scientists have generated a monoclonal antibody for detection of importin β1 (clone 3E9) from various animal species. This reagent has been validated in several fundamental molecular biology techniques. Antibody 3E9 specifically detects importin β1 in cell lysates (~97kDa). Furthermore, this antibody can be used to inhibit nuclear import, thus enabling research into this fundamental cellular process.

Tagsresearch tool: antibody
Posted DateApr 23, 2015 5:40 PM


Stephen Adam*

Ermone Adam


  • Research reagent


  • Validated for use in Western blots, immunofluorescence and immunoprecipitation experiments
  • Can be used for nuclear import inhibition assays


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Gwendolyn Humphreys, PhD

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