Project Title3-D Transfected Cell Arrays for High Throughput Transcriptional Profiling
Track Code2005-127, 2005-130, 2009-101, 2009-104
Short Description

Novel method for investigating gene regulation via transcriptional profiling #healthcare #diagnostictool #therapeutics #drugdiscovery #researchtool #method


Northwestern scientists have developed a high throughput method for investigating gene transcription under various conditions. To achieve this, they designed a 3D hydrogel platform within which cells can be seeded and observed over time. This innovative system allows for high throughput screening of multiple transcription factors at once in a rapid and quantitative manner. In laboratory settings, this 3D cell array can be generated using a variety of cell types, which opens up the possibility that patient samples could be studied in-depth via this method. For example, samples from cancer patients could be investigated for drug sensitivity or for accurate disease tracking and diagnosis. This invention represents a step forward for tissue engineering research, but could also be adapted for use as a sensor for environmental toxins or biological warfare agents.

TagsHEALTHCARE: Diagnostic Tool, RESEARCH TOOL: method, THERAPEUTICS: drug discovery
Posted DateApr 21, 2015 11:57 AM


Angela K. Pannier

Abigail D. Bellis

Michael S. Weiss

Eric A. Ariazi

V. Craig Jordan

Julie Wieland

Lonnie Shea*


  • Diagnostic tool for cancer
  • Sensor for environmental toxins and biological warfare agents
  • Tissue engineering
  • Research tool for cell signaling


  • High throughput
  • Quantitative
  • Rapid data acquisition


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US application has been filed.

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Michael Moore, PhD

Invention Manager

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