Project TitleCo-catalyst for Olefin Polymerization
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Innovative co-catalyst for olefin polymerization reduces the overall amount of catalysts used and increases control over the type of olefin polymers obtained

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Northwestern researchers have discovered a family of organo-Lewis acids as powerful co-catalysts for olefin polymerization. Polyolefins are ubiquitous in all phases of commerce. However, catalyzing reactions for their production demands constant improvement in selectivity, yield and cost of manufacture. Often catalysts have to be used in high excess to show preference towards a particular olefin monomer, or the reactions results in polyolefin mixtures that are difficult to separate. The novel catalysis offered here advance previously catalyst performance by incorporation of organo-Lewis acids (like perfluorobiphenylborane), which reduce catalyst requirements and provide improved control over the types of polyolefin produced. With these superior properties, organo-Lewis acid catalysts stand to revolutionize the field of industrial polyolefin production.

TagsCHEMICAL: catalyst
Posted DateMar 13, 2015 2:43 PM


Tobin Marks*

You-Xian Eugene Chen


  • Catalysis


  • Reduces the need for excess co-catalyst
  • Increases control over reaction products


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