Project TitleMetal Organic Frameworks Based on Azolium Salts
Track Code2011-096
Short Description

Cutting-edge method for generating metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) that incorporate azolium salts (metal azolium frameworks, or MAFs)

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Northwestern University researchers have developed a method for production of a new material for catalysis and gas storage/separation applications. This unique material is based on metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), but incorporates azolium salts. This is an important improvement over previous generations of MOFs, since azolium salts allow for the material to be functionalized further and can be useful catalysts in their own right. Additionally, the methods used to generate these novel MAFs enable scientists to control pore size and catenation within the material itself. Before this innovation by the Scheidt group, it was extremely difficult to modulate these two properties effectively. In the future, this invention is could expand the field of use for both MOFs and MAFs.

Posted DateMar 10, 2015 3:35 PM


Omar K Farha

Joseph T Hupp

John M Roberts

Karl Scheidt*


  • MAF production
  • Gas storage
  • Gas separation
  • Catalysis


  • Controlled pore size and catenation
  • Incorporated azolium salts can be further functionalized


IP Status

US patent application has been filed.

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Invention Associate

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