Project TitlePolymerization onto Metal Oxide Particles
Track Code2011-103
Short Description

Novel method for inducing polymerization onto titanium oxide particles for improving paint production

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Northwestern University scientists have developed a method for coating metal oxide particles, which can be applied for paint production. Coated titanium oxide particles are used as pigments in paint compositions. Coating procedures are important as they ensure the pigments are suspended and uniformly dispersed in the paint solution, which gives dried paint a continuous and smooth appearance. The processing method for titanium oxide particles invented by the Messersmith group will allow for surface-initiated polymerization (SIP) of the coating producing optimal pigment dispersion. SIP is also a flexible process; so various compounds can be used for functionalizing titanium oxide particles. Therefore, paint manufactures can use this process to impart different characteristics to their pigments. This process could also reduce the quantity of titanium oxide particles by 10%, without compromising coverage and appearance. Thus, paint producers have much to gain from implementing this particle coating method as a cost-reduction vehicle.

Tagsnanotechnology: nanoparticles
Posted DateMar 9, 2015 1:57 PM


Dong-Keun Lee

Phillip B. Messersmith*


  • Paint production


  • Decreases amount of titanium oxide needed (10% less then current methods)
  • Improves pigment spacing


IP Status

US and international patent applications have been filed.

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