Project TitleHSP70 Antibodies
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Antibodies recognizing human heat shock protein-70, with reactivity towards the same protein from other animal and plant species

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Northwestern University researchers have developed a suite of five monoclonal antibodies against human heat shock protein (HSP) family that will facilitate laboratory research of a multitude of biological processes. Heat shock proteins are an abundant family of proteins found in almost all types of organisms. In human cells, these proteins accomplish various crucial functions, like transmembrane transport, protein folding and facilitating protein complex formation. In addition to detecting the human version of HSP-70, some of these antibodies are able to detect the same protein from a variety of animal species, as well as plants and yeast, and some recognize other members of this protein family in addition to HSP-70 (HSC-70, GRP75 and GRP78). These antibodies have also been validated in several types of experiments, including Western blotting, immunoprecipitation and immunofluorescence, making them useful research reagents. 

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Posted DateMar 6, 2015 5:25 PM


Richard Morimoto*

Shawn Murphy


  • Detection of HSP family proteins in human cells
  • Detection of HSP family proteins from other animal cells as well as from plant and yeast cells


  • Compatible with several well established molecular and cell biology techniques


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