Project TitleSynthesis of 2-Aryl Indoles
Track Code2014-030
Short Description

New method for synthesis of indoles without employing harsh conditions or transition metal catalysts

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Northwestern University researchers have developed a novel method for synthesis of indole compounds for medicinal purposes. Several drugs currently on the market have an indole core, so improving methods for production is a high priority. Presently, synthesis of indoles is costly and complex. Transition metal catalysts are used, which have to be removed from the final product before the compounds can be tested for activity. In addition, current indole-generating reactions proceed under harsh conditions, which are inconvenient and can be hazardous. The novel synthetic method invented by the Scheidt group removes the need for transition metal catalysts and ensures that mild reaction conditions can be used. Finally, reaction products are produced in high yields, which could make this inventive approach the method of choice for indole synthesis in the future and enable many more drug discovery efforts.  

Posted DateMar 3, 2015 10:47 AM


Michael Todd Hovey Jr.

Christopher Thomas Check

Karl A Scheidt*


  • Production of 2-aryl indoles
  • Production of C2 and C3 substituted indole compounds
  • Drug discovery


  • Mild reaction conditions
  • High yield
  • Wide functional group and substrate scope
  • Difficult catalysts (transition metals) are not necessary


IP Status

A provisional US patent application has been filed.

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Allan Nader, PhD 

Invention Manager 


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