Project TitleSynthAssist: Efficient Audio Synthesis Using Vocal Imitation
Track Code2014-099
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A novel easy-to-use audio synthesizer for desired sounds by user vocal imitation and automated computer analysis

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Programming an audio synthesizer can be a difficult task for many. The current software-based synthesizers have complex controls and unfriendly interfaces, which limit the productivity of both novice and experienced users. To overcome this barrier, Northwestern researchers developed a novel audio synthesizer system called SynthAssist to help users efficiently find their desired sound in the audio database. In contrast to existing technologies which require users to provide synthesis parameters, Northwestern’s SynthAssist allows a more intuitive way by allowing a user to either vocalize the desired sound or choose examples from a database to initiate the synthesis. This audio synthesis process proceeds through the iterative automated computer analysis based on advanced algorithms and the evaluative feedback from the users. Therefore, with a friendly user interface and a natural approach, SynthAssist makes audio synthesizers more accessible and lets users focus on high-level goals instead of low-level controls.

Figure:  SynthAssist (a) User friendly software interface (b) Natural audio synthesis approach

Tagssoftware, SOFTWARE: analysis, SOFTWARE: sound synthesis
Posted DateFeb 20, 2015 2:57 PM


Bryan Pardo

Mark Cartwright


·         Programming an audio synthesizer using vocal imitation

·         Searching through a database of “preset” synthesizer sounds using vocal imitation

·         Searching through a database of sound effects using vocal imitation


·         User friendly interface

·         Intuitive communication way through vocal imitation

·         Efficient database search based on vocal imitation

·         No complex controls


IP Status

US provisional patent has been filed.

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Arjan Quist, PhD

Invention Associate

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