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Project TitleNovel and Inexpensive Light-Weight Mg Alloy with High Strength
Track Code2013-128
Short Description

Novel low-cost Mg alloys with long-period stacking ordered structure for high mechanical strength to improve the efficiency of transport vehicles

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Light-weight Mg-based alloys are the critical technology to improve the efficiency of transportation vehicles. However, the poor mechanical strength and ductility of Mg have long been impediments to its industrial use. The long-period stacking ordered (LPSO) structures formed in the Mg-based alloys has been proved to significantly enhance the mechanical strength of the alloys, whereas all existing LPSO Mg alloys require expensive rare earth elements. To overcome this issue, Northwestern researchers have recently developed several new light-weight LPSO Mg alloys that are both mechanically strong and economically viable. Advanced computational methods are utilized for predicting and optimizing the alloy performance to facilitate the material development. This invention not only enables the use of LPSO Mg alloy in industrial applications but also provides a promising approach to develop innovative high-performance alloys. 

Tagsmaterials, MATERIALS: composite, MATERIALS: metals
Posted DateFeb 20, 2015 11:50 AM


Chris Wolverton

James E. Saal


·         High-strength Mg alloys for transportation vehicle structure

·         Development of innovative high-performance alloys


·         Light-weight and High-strength alloy

·         Free of rare earth elements

·         Economically viable for industrial applications


IP Status

US provisional patent has been filed.

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Sarah Kamper, PhD

Invention Asssociate

(p): 847-491-5095



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