Project TitleScar-Free Tissue Regeneration
Track Code2013-172
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Polymer-based drug delivery system that activates scar-free tissue regeneration 

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A recent discovery identified hypoxia-induced factor (HIF) as a key mediator of epimorphic tissue regeneration. This kind of regenerative process has been made famous by salamanders, a species that can re-grow whole limbs through this process. In humans, this kind of tissue generation has never been successfully recapitulated. Armed with the knowledge that HIF activation can promote this process, scientists have been able to induce epimorphic regeneration in human tissues by using a hydrogel-like polymer to deliver HIF-activating drugs directly into affected areas. Once inside the targeted tissue, the loaded hydrogel polymer is capable of releasing the drug over several days, stimulating HIF in a continuous manner. Importantly, this novel approach can be applied to any type of human tissue, granting it many applications in clinical medicine. 

Tagsbiomedical, MATERIALS: polymer, THERAPEUTICS: drug delivery, THERAPEUTICS: wound healing
Posted DateJan 29, 2015 10:45 AM


Iossif A Strehin

Phillip B Messersmith

Ellen Heber-Katz


  • Regeneration of any tissue (bone, cartilage, myocardium, skin etc)
  • Regrowth of lost fingers


  • Scar-less regeneration of tissue
  • Any tissue can be regenerated


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US patent application has been filed.

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Vara Josyula, PhD

Invention Manager 

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