Project TitleInteractive Chef
Track Code2003-004
Short Description

An intelligent system that emulates a human cooking assistant

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Northwestern University researchers have developed a voice-activated, context sensitive software application to aid in culinary training in classrooms or simple cooking instruction for the home cook. The user is able to interact with the system by using voice commands. The IChef system is able to display recipes, give instructions and play videos showing specific steps of the recipe to aid the user. Since the IChef has a focused understanding of the user's needs in the context of each recipe, a rich voice interaction is created between the user and the system.  

TagsSOFTWARE: application
Posted DateJan 27, 2015 3:18 PM


Lawrence A. Birnbaum

Leonard Chen

Kristian Hammond*


  • Culinary training


  • Context-sensitive
  • Intelligent
  • Voice-activated 


IP Status

Issued US patent number 7,890,336

Contact Information

Arjan Quist, PhD

Invention Associate 

(p) 847-467-0305