Project TitleWater Processable Graphene Oxide
Track Code2011-126
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Single walled carbon nanotube composite as anode modifier for polymer solar cells

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Northwestern University researchers have developed a novel composite material that will improve production of solar cells. Much like a regular battery, solar cells contain an anode and a cathode. However, in solar cells the anode is coated with a layer of material that blocks electrons. Currently, the preferred coating is a material called PEDOT: PSS. However, this coating material is deposited from strongly acidic solutions. Led by Professor Huang, Northwestern scientists have adapted graphene oxide (GO) for this same function by addition of single walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). GO: SWCNT films can effectively block electrons and can be deposited onto the anode from neutral pH solutions. In terms of overall performance, GO: SWCNT is comparable to PEDOT: PSS, but ease of use will make it the preferred choice for coating solar cell anodes in the future. 

TagsENERGY: solar, MATERIALS: CNT, MATERIALS: graphene/graphite
Posted DateJan 13, 2015 2:42 PM


Jaemyng Kim

Vincent C. Tung

Jiaxing Huang*


  • Solar cells


  •  Reduces use of acidic solutions during solar cell production
  •  Minimizes introduction of water into the device during production
  •  Diminishes carrier recombination


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US patent application has been filed

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