Project TitleA Microelectromechanical Device for Four-Terminal Kelvin Electromechanical Characterization of Nanostructures in-situ TEM (Transition-Electron Microscope)
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An electromechanical testing system for high-accuracy characterization of mechanical and electrical properties of nanostructures with in-situ TEM capability

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A novel device for electromechanical testing a specimen having a nano-scale dimension is developed at Northwestern University. As various nanostructure have been used in broad applications, there are increasing needs for the accurate characterization of their mechanical, optical and electrical properties. However, in measuring the electrical transport properties of nanostructures, current measuring systems produce inaccurate characterization due to the inevitable resistance at terminal contacts.  To overcome this disadvantage, Northwestern researchers invented a high-accuracy microelectromechanical testing device, utilizing a four-terminal Kelvin technique to eliminate the influence of contacts. This novel device can be coupled with mechanical testing capability and the simultaneous imaging in-situ TEM. With all these advantages, this promising electromechanical testing system shows the unprecedented capabilities for mechanical and electrical characterization of various nanostructures.

Tagsresearch tool: equipment, semiconductor:component
Posted DateJan 28, 2015 2:23 PM


Horacio Espinosa*

Rodrigo Bernal


• Characterizing electrical transport property for nanostructures 
• Characterizing mechanical property for nanostructures 
• Characterizing piezoelectric and piezoresistive properties for nanostructures 


• High accuracy electrical property measurement 
• Simultaneous electrical and mechanical characterization 
• General applicability to various nanostructures 
• Simultaneous in-situ TEM imaging 


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US provisional patent application has been filed 

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