Project TitleBipolar Magnetic Junction Transistor for Information Storage and Processing and Magnetic Sensing
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A bipolar magnetic junction transistor with magneto-amplification property for spintronic devices to enable new paradigm of computer architecture.

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A bipolar magnetic junction transistor for spintronic devices is recently developed at Northwestern University to enable the exceptionally efficient information processing and storage. Compared with conventional semiconductor devices, spintronic devices hold great promise for creating circuits that are faster and more energy efficient.  While hybrid spintronic devices comprising ferromagnetic metals and semiconductors have been developed, all-semiconductor devices are desired considering their easier integration into the existing all-semiconductor infrastructure. Towards this goal, Northwestern researchers invented the first all-semiconductor bipolar magnetic junction transistor (MJT) for spintronic devices. This novel MJT device includes two non-magnetic semiconductor layers and one magnetic semiconductor layer to produces the unique property of magneto-amplification (MA), which allows the control of amplification effect through the application of external magnetic field. The MA capability in this all-semiconductor transistor at room temperature enables the creation of new computer logic architecture where the spin of the carriers is utilized.

Figure Bipolar Magnetic Junction Transistor with Magneto-amplification. (a): A schematic of the InMnAs bipolar magnetic junction transistor (MJT) (b): Magneto-amplification of the MJT as a function of external magnetic field.

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Posted DateJan 28, 2015 4:25 PM


John Peters

Nikhil Rangaraju

Bruce Wessels


• Information storage 
• Communication and information processing 
• Magnetic field sensing 


• All semiconductor based 
• Magneto-amplification property 
• High energy efficiency 


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US provisional patent application has been filed.

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