Project TitleModification of Inflammation by POP3, a Novel Inflammasome Inhibitor
Track Code2010-160
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POP3 protein as a method to modulate inflammation. #therapeutics #anti-inflammatory #infectious disease #autoimmunity


Northwestern researchers have identified a new member of the PYD-only protein (POPs) family (POP3) as a specific regulator of ALR inflammasomes, promoting IFN-beta production and reducing IL-1beta and IL-8 production. POP3 has the potential for biologic therapy for the modulation of the IL-1beta inflammatory response as well blocking the excessive production of cytokines in inflammatory and autoimmune disease. POP3 could be employed to specifically block IL-1beta generation found in DNA virus and bacteria-induced inflammasome activation; as well as DNA-driven autoimmune disease. Conversely, neutralization of POP3 could be used to boost immune responses for adjuvent activity or to help clear infections.

Tagsautoimmunity, THERAPEUTICS: anti-inflammatory, THERAPEUTICS: infectious disease
Posted DateMay 28, 2014 6:09 PM


Christian Stehlik


  • Development of POP3-based inflammasome inhibitors to prevent IL-1beta release 
  • Neutralization of POP3 to boost adjuvent activity or aid in clearing infections 


  • Potential to inhibit specific inflammatory responses 
  • If neutralized, could boost immune responsiveness


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A patent application has been filed. 

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