Project TitleTransverse Thermoelectrics
Track Code2011-097
Short Description

A themoelectric technology enabling cooling capabilities below 150K

#materials #semiconductors #electronic


Transverse thermoelectrics are materials that exhibit thermoelectric heat flow transverse to the direction of an applied electrical current. This renders these materials extremely useful for cooling applications. A strategy was developed to engineer band anisotropic transverse thermoelectrics whereby the anisotropic electron and hole mass tensors result in orthogonal electron and hole currents, and a large transverse ambipolar Seebeck coefficient. The intrinsic cooling mechanism can function at cryogenic temperatures, thus promising to fill a gap in thermoelectric cooling capabilities that currently exists below 150 K.

TagsMATERIALS: semiconductors, MATERIALS: electronic
Posted DateMay 13, 2014 4:45 PM


Chuanle Zhou

Matthew Grayson


  • Cooling


  • Performance at cryogenic temperature
  • High efficiency cooling
  • No need for high magnetic field


IP Status

Issued US patent number 8,829,324

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Arjan Quist, PhD

Invention Associate

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