Project TitleUranine: Real-time Privacy Leakage Detection and Prevention without System Modification for Android
Track Code2013-220
Short Description

A software system that transforms Android applications to detect privacy leaks

#software #security


Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular. One reason for their popularity is the availability of a wide range of third party applications, which enrich the environment and increase usability. There are however privacy concerns centered around these applications – users do not know what private data is leaked by the applications. For example, an application may steal user's photos. Previous works to detect privacy leakages are however not accurate enough due to various reasons or require operating system changes, which may not be possible due to users' lack of skills or locked devices. Northwestern researchers have developed Uranine, a system that transforms Android applications to detect privacy leaks as they are about to happen. Uranine does not require any platform modification nor does it need the application source code.

TagsSOFTWARE: security
Posted DateMay 13, 2014 1:48 PM


Vaibhav Rastogi

Zhengyang Qu

Jedidiah McClurg

Yan Chen*


  •   Detect and notify user of privacy leaks in Android applications
  •  Provide the user the ability to stop a privacy leak before it happens
  •  Prevent leakage of applications’ sensitive data
  • Isolate applications from each other in enterprise environments


  • Situation aware prevention
  • No system modification
  • Accurate and easiliy configurable
  • Low runtime overhead and portability


IP Status

A provisional patent application has been filed.

Contact Information

Arjan Quist, PhD

Invention Associate

(p) 847-467-0305