Project TitleMaterials for X-ray and Gamma Ray Detection-II
Track Code2010-064, 2010-090, 2012-156, 2013-014
Short Description

Novel chalco-halides for use in radiation detection and imaging applications

 #materials #biomedical #medicaldevice #imaging 


Northwestern researchers have developed new thallium, bismuth or lead chalcohalides for radiation detection, such as that used in biomedical x-ray imaging. The structure of these halides yields improved mechanical and electrical properties in comparison to other materials currently in use (band gap of at least 1.5eV and resistivity of 106 Ωcm). All of the novel chalcohalides exhibit favorable crystal growth and can be made into thin films for various electronic devices. Therefore, these novel materials hold promise to revolutionize the field of radiation detection, whether for medical or defense purposes.

TagsMATERIALS: biomedical, MEDICAL DEVICE: imaging, DIAGNOSTICS: detection, sensor
Posted DateMay 6, 2014 2:44 PM


Mercouri G. Kanatzidis* 

Simon Johnsen 

Ioannis Androulakis

Sebastian Peter

Bruce Wessels

Konstantinos Stoumpos

Zhifu Liu


  • Biomedical imaging 
  • Sensors
  • Detection of nuclear materials 


  • Improved electrical properties
  • Enhanced mechanical properties
  • Simple manufacturing and processing


IP Status

Issued U.S. Patent No. 8,519,347

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Chao Zhang, PhD 
Invention Manager 

(p) 847-491-4629