Project TitleBonding of nickel-based alloy wires by forming an aluminum-titanium coating
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Method for transient liquid phase bonding of nickel-based alloy wires  

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Transient liquid phase (TLP) bonding is a technique that has been widely used for the joining of various alloys by an interlayer, which melts and diffuses in to the parts that are being joined. As the diffusion occurs the composition of the interlayer changes from eutectic to off-eutectic and solidifies, resulting in a bond with a higher melting temperature than the bonding temperature. For TLP bonding of Ni alloys, a pack cementation technique to create an Al-Ti rich coating on a structure that was woven from 200 µm diameter Ni-20 wt.% Cr wires was used. Upon annealing at 1200°C for 2 days, the wires bonded at their contact points by the TLP mechanism. Pack cementation is a very simple technique that can be applied to Ni alloys with various geometries. Using commercial solders or brazes is more difficult, as they need to be deposited very uniformly on the wires or at the contact points, they melt at relatively low temperature, and may create embrittling phases. 

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Posted DateJan 27, 2015 10:41 AM


David Dunand* 

Dinc Erdeniz


  • Aerospace industry: Jet engine parts
  • Power generation: Gas turbine parts 
  • Nickel containing stainless steels 
  • Catalyst substrate 
  • Heat exchanger


  • Easy to apply by pack cementation 
  • Uniform application of Al and Ti 
  • Homogenization into alloy 
  • Increased strength


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