Project TitleNanoparticulate Arsenic-Platinum Drugs for Cancer Treatment
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Improved lipid-based co-encapsulation technology for delivery of active arsenic and platinum compounds.

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Northwestern researchers have developed a novel method that coencapsulates active forms of arsenic and platinum drugs into liposomes and is applicable for multi-drug coencapsulation into one vesicle. Arsenic- and platinum-based drugs are highly potent yet toxic agents. Lipid-based carriers have been developed as drug delivery systems to reduce systemic toxicities, the development of drug resistance and the rapid inactivation of drug due to complex formation with plasma and tissue proteins. While the current liposomal formulations have exhibited improved anticancer efficacy and reduced systemic toxicity, they have a number of limitations including low encapsulation efficiencies which limits bioavailability and poor serum stability. This Northwestern invention provides an unprecedented approach to efficiently coencapsulate active forms of arsenic- and platinum-based drugs. This approach improves systemic toxicity for both drugs and enhances antitumor anticancer efficacy and specificity through targeted delivery of the drug combinations to specific tumor cells. The invention provides a novel system to load drugs into liposomes. The novel liposomal nanoparticles have a long shelf life and already meet the pharmaceutical requirements for clinical use. They also exhibit low drug release in serum which ensures significant stability upon intravenous administration. The liposomal nanoparticles could be used to treat a variety of tumors including hematological tumors and solid tumors.

Tagsnanotechnology: nanoparticles, THERAPEUTICS: cancer
Posted DateNov 25, 2013 4:09 PM


Thomas O'Halloran*

Haimei Chen


• Therapeutic: Cancer 
• Targeted Cancer Drug Delivery System 


• Long shelf-life 
• Good serum stability 
• Demonstrated efficacy 
• Lower Toxicity


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A patent application has been filed.

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