Project TitleParylene-Encapsulated Copolymetric Membranes for Directed Therapeutic Release
Track Code2007-023
Short Description

Parylene-based coating for timed drug release from implanted medical devices.

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Invasive biomedical devices such as implants must be stable in the body and compatible with human tissue. When such devices are used for drug delivery, there is an additional requirement for controlled, localized elution of the therapeutic substance. Parylene is an FDA-approved, semi-permeable, biocompatible substance that can be deposited evenly on almost any surface. A variety of copolymetric matrices have previously been conjugated with therapeutic agents, allowing for timed release of drugs from implanted surfaces. Northwestern researchers have constructed parylene-encapsulated copolymer membranes suitable for drug delivery purposes. These membranes present a variety of medical functionalities for timed, localized elution of drugs with reduced risk of device rejection by patient tissue.

TagsMATERIALS: biomedical, THERAPEUTICS: drug delivery
Posted DateNov 20, 2013 12:36 PM


Houjin Huang

Mark Chen

Dean Ho*

Erik Pierstorff


• Device coatings: implants, stents, sensors, etc.

• Stand-alone membrane technology


• Increases effective longevity of coated devices by several days
• Augments efficacy of therapeutics by concentrating localization
• Reduces effects on non-target cells: beneficial for chemotherapy and anti-inflammation treatments


IP Status

Issued US Patent No. 8,263,104. A second patent application has been filed.

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Vara Josyula, PhD
Invention Manager
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