Project TitleProgrammable Soft Lithography: Solvent-Assisted Nanoscale Embossing
Track Code2010-046
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All-moldable, bench-top soft nanofabrication platform that allows manipulation of nanoscale materials.

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Molding at the nanoscale has driven the production of high-density optical and magnetic storage media, organic light-emitting diodes, polymer photovoltaic cells, and field-effect transistors. While rigid molds may be used to imprint soft and semi-hard materials for these applications, they are quite expensive to fabricate and brittle at nanoscale dimensions. Additionally, current molding methods require the use of a different master for each pattern that is desired, leading to significantly higher costs and increased down-time. To address this, researchers at Northwestern University have developed an all-moldable, bench-top soft nanofabrication platform that can generate nanoscale patterns with programmable densities and fill factors from a single master. This new method, Solvent-Assisted Nanoscale Embossing (SANE), combines the strengths of serial fabrication techniques with those of parallel ones, in turn enabling unprecedented opportunities to manipulate the properties of nanoscale materials.

TagsNANOTECHNOLOGY: lithography
Posted DateNov 19, 2013 2:53 PM


Mark Huntington

Min Hyung Lee

Teri Odom*

Wei Zhou


  • Nanoscale device fabrication and design
  • Efficient creation of new molds for nanoscale patterning


  • Cost effective
  • Scalable to large‚Äďarea applications
  • Exceptional density and feature size control


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Patent applications have been filed.

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Zach Brown, PhD
Invention Associate

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