Project TitleContactless Probe for Electrical Characterization of Buried Conducting Layers
Track Code2012-022, 2013-025
Short Description

Proximity probe that measures the conductivity of a buried conducting layer in transistor substrates

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Northwestern researchers have developed a contactless proximity probe that is capable of characterizing the conductivity of a conducting layer that is buried below an insulating layer, as is standard for transistor substrates (e.g. MOSFET substrates, quantum wells and semiconductor heterojunctions) in the semiconductor industry. The probe enables separate measures of conductance and carrier mobility density. Unlike the industry standard for four-point electrical characterization of buried conducting layers, however, this new Northwestern technology permits the electrical characterization in a non-destructive manner with extremely fast high throughput. In fact, it provides the capability to rapidly characterize new materials with conducting layers which lack ohmic contacts and is effective with any material, carrier type and carrier density.

Tagsinstrumentation: analytical
Posted DateAug 6, 2013 1:06 PM


Matthew Grayson*

Wang Zhou

Gautham Badri Ramachandran Sundar


• Semiconductor Characterization Instrument
• Measurement of conductance

• Measurement of carrier density


• Rapid and time-efficient (seconds vs. days)
• Non-destructive: No need to cut test samples. Samples are reusable.
• High throughput capability

• Independent of material, carrier type and carrier density


IP Status

US and International patents have been submitted.

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Arjan Quist, PhD

Invention Manager

(p) 847-467-0305