Project TitleNative Chemical Ligation in Biocompatible Hydrogels Useful for Wound Healing and Drug Delivery
Track Code2010-054
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Native cross-linking hydrogels for implants, tissue support, and other medical uses

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Because their properties are similar to those of human tissues, hydrogels have been widely used as implantable medical devices. There is a medical need for hydrogels that can be put into place through minimally invasive means and those that solidify under physiological conditions. A native chemical ligation method was previously developed that achieved this cross-linking, but the process released a by-product that was potentially toxic to cells. Northwestern researchers have reworked this native chemical ligation method to achieve a single product without the release of toxic smaller molecules. The hydrogels composed of these products can be used for a variety of medical applications, including tissue repair, wound healing, drug delivery, device coating, and biosensors.

TagsCHEMICAL: coatings, CHEMICAL: methods, DEVICES: fabrication, THERAPEUTICS: drug delivery, THERAPEUTICS: wound healing
Posted DateMar 18, 2013 3:54 PM


Bi-Huang Hu
Jing Su

Phillip B. Messersmith*


  • Timed-release medical implants with pharmacological agents, tissue supports for wound healing or other repair, biosensors, device coatings


  • Nontoxic
  • Can form in situ from a liquid precursor with rapid crosslinking


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A patent application has been filed.

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