Project TitleSolubilizing Membrane Proteins without the Use of Detergent
Track Code2009-069
Short Description

A research tool to solubilize membrane proteins without detergent


Northwestern researchers have developed a novel method for isolating integral membrane proteins in a detergent-free manner.  This process offers the ability to isolate solubilized membrane complex in its native lipid environment with undisturbed changes in its composition and structure.  These attributes are particularly essential in providing a way to use and study membrane proteins in its native conformation.  Furthermore, it obviates the need for using synthetic lipid vesicles to handle membrane proteins.  This method produces a product that is a great alternative to liposomes as a mode of drug delivery for a number of reasons.  Not only are they smaller in size and more stable in shear flow, they diffuse faster and serve as a means to for surface attachment. 

Tagsresearch tool: reagent
Posted DateDec 14, 2012 4:09 PM


Adrian Gross


·        Research Tool:  Receptor Studies, Enzyme Studies, Ligand Binding

·        Vaccine Development

·        Drug Delivery


·        Variable sizes according to membrane protein

·        Detergent-free method to keep membrane proteins active and intact

·        Excellent substitute for liposomes

o   Smaller size

o   Less light scattering

o   Faster diffusion

o   Stability in shear flow

o   Access to both sides of protein

o   Ability to add probes

·        Means for surface attachment


IP Status

A patent application has been filed.

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Mike Moore, PhD
Invention Manager
(p) 847.491.4645