Project TitleNovel Method of Enzymatic Plaque Digestion
Track Code2008-157
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Enzymatic digestion composition to remove atherosclerotic plaque without surgery or other invasive procedures.

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Northwestern investigators have developed a novel plaque digestion composition to remove atherosclerotic plaque with minimal trauma to the arterial wall and minimal risk to the patient. No such approach has ever been utilized in patients. Balloons and mechanical blades are not required which avoids all potential risk of inducing arterial injury and at the same time providing a safe approach. Additionally, all particular matter is aspirated, thereby avoiding embolization of atherosclerotic plaque, a problem that all of the above mentioned atherectomy devices face. Thus, this approach expects to provide superior outcomes associated with significantly reduced failure rates compared to currently available modalities, thereby diminishing the need for reintervention, improving patient outcomes, and reducing overall health care costs.

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Posted DateJan 18, 2013 2:53 PM


Guillermo Ameer*
Melina Kibbe
Jason Rubenstein


• Atherosclerosis


• Minimizes vascular trauma
• Reduces potential for reintervention
• Improved safety over current provisions
• Removes plaque


A patent application has been filed.

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Michael Moore, PhD

Invention Manager

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