Project TitleFine Mapping Of PEDF Anti-Angiogenic Activity
Track Code2007-084
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PEDF, a novel therapeutic agent for cancer treatment.

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Northwestern researchers have identified an alternate target for cancer therapy. While VEGF has shown some promise in the treatment of some cancers, it has not been successful in many other tumor types, suggesting that other factors or components play a critical role in suppressing tumor angiogenesis. The researchers have identified PEDF (pigment epithelium derived factor) to be an additional factor that can be used to modulate angiogenesis and treat angiogenesis-mediated disease. They have identified peptides derived from PEDF with potent suppressive function in eye disease and cancer.

TagsTHERAPEUTICS: cancer, THERAPEUTICS: biomarker, ophthalmology
Posted DateJan 18, 2013 2:50 PM


Yelena Mirochnik

Olga Volpert*


• Therapeutics: Anti-Angiogenesis
• Eye Disease


  • Alternative for VEGF therapy

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Issued US Patent No. 8,198,406

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