Project TitleHighly Concentrated Graphene Solutions via Iterative Solvent Exchange
Track Code2010-113
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A novel efficient process for graphene exfoliation.

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Northwestern researchers have developed a novel efficient process for graphene exfoliation. The iterative solvent exchange is a rapid, room temperatuare, ultracentrifugation-free approach that concentrates graphene in excess of 1 mg/mL. This process does not compromise the characteristics of graphene as with other harsh chemical methods, but instead preserves the structural and chemical integrity of graphene, making it amenable to further processing. The resulting graphene inks maintain superlative electronic properties, which can be exploited in applications that require highly conductive, mechanically flexible and solution-processable coatings. The inks have been already verified through the realization of aligned graphene-polymern nanocomposites and transparent conductive graphene thin films. The process can provide solution-processable pristine graphene for device applications.

TagsMATERIALS: graphene/graphite
Posted DateJan 31, 2012 3:44 PM


Mark Hersam*

Yu Teng Liang


  • Thin film electronic and engineering
  • Composite nanostructures


  • Rapid and room temperature process
  • Excellent electronic properties
  • Flexible


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A patent application has been filed.

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Arjan Quist, Ph.D
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