Project TitleTwo Dimensional Assembly of Graphite Oxide Single Layers, and Applications of Same
Track Code2009-032
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A new technique to create graphite oxide monolayers that can be readily transferred to hydrophilic substrates creating a large area of flat single layer films.

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Single layer GO is a two-dimensional membrane-like single polymer molecule that acts like a colloid.  Its thickness is a single atomic layer, and the lateral sheet extends up to tens of micrometers.  Due to electrostatic repulsion between GO single layers, this technique produces stable monolayers without the need for surfactant or stabilizing agents.  Importantly, the repulsive nature of the layers also ensures that stacking and overlapping of monolayers are both easily avoided.  This novel technology uses Langmuir-Blodgett assembly to generate robust 2D tiling of high quality monolayers on the order of 100 cm2 surface area.  By vertical dipping, large areas of GO single layers can be collected at the desired surface pressure, yielding uniform coverage of different types of monolayers.  The density of the films can also be adjusted from dilute to over-packed monolayers of interlocking single layers.  To exemplify the quality of this technology, the researchers designed a transparent conducting thin film on a glass slide.  They chemically reduced the monolayer into graphene with hydrazine vapor and patterned it with gold electrodes.  The film displayed 95.4% transmittance in the visible spectrum and excellent electrical response.  It exhibited a level of resistance that is comparable to other chemically reduced GO films with potential for further resistance reduction using thermal treatment. This practical route to large area monolayer graphene films promises new applications in thin film electronics and engineering.

TagsMATERIALS: thin film, MATERIALS: graphene/graphite
Posted DateMar 21, 2011 11:04 AM


Laura Cote
Jiaxing Huang*
Jaemyung Kim


  • Thin film electronic and engineering
  • Composite nanostructures


  • Scaleable for commercial use
  • Large monolayer area coverage
  • Robust tiling of monolayers
  • Uniform coverage of monolayers
  • Excellent transmittance and electrical response


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A patent application has been filed.

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Sarah Kamper, PhD
Invention Associate
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