Project TitleAntiambipolar heterjunctions from solution-processed semiconductors
Track Code2014-192
Short Description

Large-area, low-voltage, anti-ambipolar heterojunctions from solution-processed semiconductors


Layered two-dimensional (2D) semiconductors have been incorporated into heterostructure devices with gate-tunable electronic and optical functionalities that overcome processing challenges of scalability and/or homogeneity essential for use in large-area integrated circuits. This invention extends the concept of van der Waals heterojunctions to semiconducting p-type single-walled carbon nanotube (s-SWCNT) and n-type amorphous indium gallium zinc oxide (a-IGZO) thin films that can be solution-processed or sputtered with high spatial uniformity at the wafer scale. The resulting large-area, low-voltage p-n heterojunctions exhibit anti-ambipolar transfer characteristics with high on/off ratios well-suited for electronic, optoelectronic, and telecommunication technologies.
Anti-ambipolar devices exhibiting frequency doubling (or multiplying) circuits have been fabricated promising wide applications in analog communications, radio astronomy and THz sensing. Anti-ambipolarity devices also facilitate other analog signal processing circuits including binary phase shift keying (BPSK) circuits used for passband data transmission in digital communication systems that map the conceptual symbols digital 0 and digital 1 into physical quantities carried by alternating current (AC) signals. BPSK is widely used for telecommunications and wireless data transmission technologies such as WiFi.

Posted DateApr 3, 2015 10:17 AM


Mark C. Hersam*
Deep M. Jariwala
Hyungil Kim
Tobin J Marks
Vinod K. Sangwan
Weichao Xu


  • Frequency doubling (or multiplying) circuits
  • Analog communications, radio astronomy and THz sensing
  • Analog signal processing circuits 
  • Ultrathin, solution processed, bendable electronics


  • s-SWCNT and a-IGZO thin films that can be solution-processed or sputtered with high spatial uniformity at the wafer scale
  • s-SWCNT/a-IGZO p-n heterojunction van der Waals heterostructures which considerably broaden the potential of this device concept


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A provisional patent application has been filed.

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