Project TitleLaser Induced Plasma Micromachining (LIPMM)
Track Code2012-189
Short Description

A novel laser-induced plasma micro-machining (LIPMM) with enhanced productivity and process flexibility for micro-machining process.



Northwestern's researchers have developed a novel laser-induced plasma micro-machining (LIPMM) with enhanced productivity and process flexibility. As a tool-less micro-machining process, LIPMM can reduce machining time significantly and overcome the limitations of other micro-machining processes. Northwestern's spot plasma based LIPMM (S-LIPMM) can machine various materials. Two new variants of S-LIPMM have been developed: L-LIPMM utilizes line-shaped laser to achieve efficient micro-patterning over large area, and MC-LIPMM utilizes external magnetic control to manipulate plasma shape for patterning nonconventional micro-features without changing optics. This promising multi-material, high-throughput and process-flexible LIPMM technology can be applied to a wide variety of applications, such as creating hydrophobic surface, light-trapping for solar cells and friction reduction.

Figure Spot Plasma based LIPMM (S-LIPMM) and the Variants. (a): Comparison between S-LIPMM and direct laser fabrication (b): Channel arrays on silicon using LIPMM (c): Fabrication sample using MC-LIPMM

TagsDEVICES: fabrication, INSTRUMENTATION: manufacturing
Posted DateNov 20, 2014 2:53 PM


Jian Cao*
Kornel F Ehmann
Kumar Pallav
Rajiv Malhotra

Ishan Saxena


• Micro-texturing of biomedical implants for osseogeneration capacity improvement
• Micro-patterning for light-trapping in thin-film solar cells
• Micro-texturing for surface hydrophobicity and anti-bacterial property

• Micro-machining for wear/friction reduction


• Material flexibility: transparent materials, non-metal materials, composite materials
• High productivity enabled by L-LIPMM

• Process flexibility enabled by MC-LIPMM


IP Status

US provisional patent application has been filed.

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Arjan Quist, PhD
Invention Associate
(p) 847-467-0305



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