Project TitleConcentration of Carbon Nanotubule Suspensions for Stronger Cement
Track Code2011-076
Short Description

Method to concentrate multi-walled carbon tubules for mass-production scale

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Cementitious materials are widely used, and their strength is critical for maintenance of structure. Strength of such materials can be improved substantially by the inclusion of dispersed multi-walled carbon tubules (MWCNTs). This practice has not been widely adopted, however, because such suspensions of MWCNTs are not readily available for large-scale production. Northwestern researchers have developed a technique to concentrate MWCNTs using centrifugation. The process does not affect the strength and solubility of the MWCNTs, but makes mixtures of the tubules with cementitious materials more feasible on a mass-production scale. The mixtures could be utilized for all classical concrete purposes – such as highways, bridges, pavement, and pre-cast building elements – with improved results as compared with the standard material.

Posted DateMar 18, 2013 1:28 PM


Maria S. Konsta-Gdoutos
Zoi S. Metaxa

Surendra P. Shah*


  • Construction of highways, bridges, and pavement
  • Pre-fabricated building elements


  • Larger-scale production of improved-strength cementitious mixtures


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A patent application has been filed.

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