Project TitleAt-Home Test for Serum Anti-Mullerian Hormone as a Predictor of Ovarian Reserve and Onset of Menopause
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At-home test for predicting ovarian reserve and onset of menopause

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Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) has emerged as a clinically useful measure of ovarian reserve. Ovarian reserve reflects the number of eggs a woman has remaining in her ovaries, which directly relates to a woman's ability to conceive, and to the onset of menopause. This invention describes a test kit for measuring AMH in capillary whole blood, allowing for the determination of ovarian reserve in an at-home setting, without a physician or the need for a venous blood sample. AMH is the earliest, most sensitive, least variable and most convenient to obtain of all the fertility related tests currently performed. AMH can be assessed at any time in the menstrual cycle, and is not affected by other medications such has oral contraceptives. The need for such a home test is highlighted by several socio-demographic and economic trends. Women in the United States are waiting longer to have children; the number of first births to women over 30 has increased fourfold (5% to 24%) since 1975. The trend is running up against the natural age-related limitations in a woman's ability to conceive. This has resulted in a parallel increase in the number of woman seeking medical consultation for infertility which affects 12% of women of childbearing age. Northwestern's test is positioned to address an unmet need for a well described consumer population. Applications . Family Planning . Fertility Assessment . Menopause Onset Prediction . Family Planning Tool Advantages . No Market Equivalent . At Home Self-Test . Accurate and Convenient . Venous Blood Not Required

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